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    Rob Guest

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    In the book I have on ASP (the excellent one written by 4guys!), it says that when the Update method is called from a recordset, the record that has just been added remains the current record. I'm using Access 2k to create an autonumber for the primary key, but need to retrieve that number a new record has ben added. When i try to do this, it seems as if the cursor is pointing at a blank record after the newly inserted one. I know I could use a dynamic cursor and movePrevious, but i am running IIS 5 locally, and my server has IIS 4, is this a difference between them, or am i doing something wrong?

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    Default Did you read the ASPFAQ on this?

    In the ASPFAQ on this very topic that I wrote, I showed how the kind of cursor is of utmost importance in making this work. Did you read that FAQ? In the category Database, General, I believe.<BR><BR>

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    Rob Guest

    Default Cheers, problem solved

    nice one, solved my problem. I did check the FAQ&#039;s first but couldn&#039;t find anything. You&#039;re right though: databases, general, problem solved. Cheers<BR>Rob

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