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    Kamau Guest

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    Is it possible to use arrays in a stored procedure? If so, how? Thanks.

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    do you mean as a parameter to be passed in, or a as a structure within the SP?

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    Nata Guest

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    Can i pass a parameter in a SP like a structure user-defined from a VB component?<BR>For example a define the parameter IN in the SP like<BR>TYPE tstr20 is TABLE of VARCHAR2(20) index by BINARY_INTEGER; <BR>and i want to pass through the VB component that call the SP a structure user defined like :<BR>Public Type param_list<BR> p1 As String<BR> p2 As String<BR> p3 As String<BR>End Type<BR>or an array like:<BR>dim param_list as variant(2)<BR><BR>But when i open the recordset failed.<BR>I thought that my problem is when i create the parameter to the Command element, because i don&#039;t know which is the correct type (AdVariant, adIunknow, etc)<BR><BR>

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