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    Several texts and websites have suggestions for dealing with NULLs, but I can&#039;t find one that really fits my situation. I have an SQL statement that Updates my Access2K database table with the values from the form (I first pull them in with an SQL statement that brings the nulls in with no problem). Anything with a null value (strings or numbers) keeps the SQL statement from executing. (If I take the null fields out of the query, it runs like a dream). <BR>I have found suggestions to concatenate a blank space " " to all the string values when they are read in, or run the IsNull function on every field. My fields on the form are not read in with a loop. I used Visual Interdev to create tables and drop the fields into cells, so in the code they are strung all over the page. I can&#039;t think of an efficient way to check all these for null. <BR>Anyone out there who is smarter than me?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Garnette Lilly

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    Without seing code it&#039;s hard to tell what you are tying to do exactly.<BR>You have a form. (I presume this can add a new record as well as update records? OR does it only update records)??<BR><BR><BR>If only for updateing records do you use that query to search the record you want and then fill in the form fields, make your changes, then update?<BR><BR>If you can show code when asking a question it&#039;s alot easier to see what you are trying to do and easier to help out too.<BR><BR>Ray<BR>

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