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    I have a query in an MSAccess DB. One of the field values in the query, is a result of a function that is in a module in the same DB.<BR><BR>When i run the query in MSAccess itself the results that i expect are returned and all is well.<BR><BR>But, when i open my recordset through my ASP page using this query, i get an error stating *undefined function*.<BR><BR> A workmate says i can&#039;t access a function from an MSAccess DB via my ASP page, but surely the ASP page is calling the query and the query will call the function (and as the query is in the DB) Why can&#039;t it work?<BR><BR>I have now found another solution, but i am interested to find out why this can/can&#039;t be done!<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Duncan

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    you would a stored procedure in say ORACLE / SQL Server? The only way I know to get ti to do what you are wanting is to install Access on the web server, then, you could create an instance of ACCESS - where you would have access to the functions / modules.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Thanks for the response.<BR><BR>Duncan

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