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    Thanks for any help in trying to have me understand Record Locking<BR><BR> Summary version<BR><BR>1. PAGE1.ASP <BR> OPEN RS and fetches Info<BR> user selects info and then CLOSES RS AND is redirected <BR> to PAGE2.ASP with selected INFO<BR><BR>2. PAGE2.ASP<BR> OPENS RS WITH PROPER CURSOR AND LOCKS<BR> with selected Info<BR> and updates the DB Table<BR> CLOSES RS <BR> THE END <BR><BR>Ok so I have two users sitting on PAGE1 both select that same Info to Update record.<BR>How and when does the record really get LOCKED <BR>ASSUMING THAT USER 1 GETS TO PAGE2.ASP before User 2.<BR>Page2.ASP Update is immediate.<BR><BR>Back in Good ol days we would do this<BR>Begin Transaction<BR> yadayadayada<BR>End Transaction<BR>is there something I&#039;m missing that is the same as this<BR><BR>Assuming Record Lock is working and User2 tries to Fetch<BR>the same record that is being updated<BR>what is the ERROR msg or ? that will happen?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Well there is begintransaction, rollback methods defined for the connection object.<BR><BR>Look here for starters<BR><BR>

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