How to Refresh a HTML page each time someone comes

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Thread: How to Refresh a HTML page each time someone comes

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    I have a page that is .htm and is tied into all of the programming that the guy before me did. I was wondering if there is an html tag that will make sure that the page is reloaded (to make my changes appear without a refresh). Thanks.<BR><BR>Brandon

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    Brandon,<BR>While there is no HTML tag that will force a refresh, there are other ways. Unless of course you count the META refresh. But, then the page will constantly refresh, and we don&#039t want that now do we? Read on!<BR><BR>Since you are on an ASP message board, I will assume (OH NO!) that you are using ASP in your work. Therefore, use ASP as your solution.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, we do not alwsy have the priviledge of dictating our user&#039s browser settings, nor can we know if our user is connected through a PROXY. So, your pages are most likely being cached. Either through the PROXY or the browser. So lets just set things up to prevent this from happening.<BR><BR>I do not guarantee that this will work for you. However, I can say that it has solved my problems of a similiar nature.<BR><BR>First of all, you should change the extension of your page from .htm to .asp. Then simply put in the following code;<BR><BR>&#060;%@ Language="VBSCRIPT" %&#062;<BR>&#060;% Response.CacheControl = "Private"<BR> Response.Expires = -1000 %&#062;<BR><BR>The &#039CacheControl&#039 property of the Response object being set to private tells Proxy servers not to cache the pages. Thereby, they will refresh each time it is requested. <BR>The &#039Expires&#039 property tells the Proxy servers and the browsers that the content of this page expires at the given number of minutes. You will note that I have set this to a negative one thousand. Why? I knew you&#039d ask. Since the Expires property is set from the time on the SERVER, you cannot be sure what time zone your user is on. Therefore, we cover all time scenarios by setting it well into the past.<BR><BR>Sorry to have written a novel. I seem to be rather long winded tonight. Wake up!!!!! It&#039s over!<BR><BR><BR>

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    Thanks Keith,<BR> The asp refresh is something I can use quite often. For the html page, I didn&#039t want to have to change the name (to asp) but it appears I will have to. The guy before me used quite a bit of javascript and referred that refers to the page name. I guess I will bite the bullet and see if I can find all references to that and change them. Anyway, thanks for your help.<BR><BR>Brandon

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