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    Hello again, this is probably the third time I have posted to this message board for help on this similar topic and I hope you can help me. I am having problems reading and writing to and from text files. I have write permissions in my cg-bin (according to my host) and I am able to create a text file and write to it that one time before it is closed but if I try to open that same file up again I cannot write to it becuase I get a Permission Denied error and I don&#039t know what I have done. For the record, I DO have write permissions in my cgi-bin directory and I don&#039t know what I am doing wrong. Can somebody e-mail me at if you have a solution to this or just reply to this post. If you could write a test script which creates a file and then closes it and then opens it back up and writes to it again that would be a lot of help. I don&#039t know what I am doing wrong and I have looked around on the Internet for a few weeks now to solve this problem but I don&#039t know what is the problem.<BR><BR>Thanks again,<BR>pnub -

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    I&#039ve sent you a sample but you should also check out:<BR>

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