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    I am struggling with recordsets. I would like to read a set of records from an Oracle database. Display some info about the records in a table. Allow a user to select the one they want to work with and then depending on the selected button, send them to a different page passing the record selected. I can display the records but I am having trouble setting the cursor back to the row so it can be processed. Any ideas?

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    Default RE: Barb said you are displaying the records fine right now? Why not just make the record a link with the unique recordId in it, or in a form just have a hidden field with the unique recordId? Grab the ID on the next page then go from there.

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    Does it send all the records in the recordset to the next page? I only want to send the one selected. Also they go to a different page based on the different submit buttons at the bottom of the selection page.

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