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Thread: POSTing a FORM

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    Daniel P. Johnson Guest

    Default POSTing a FORM

    Would you guys be able to help me figure out how to POST a form to more than one place?<BR>

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    Try me (us). Please post specifics, unless you can handle one liner answers. Try the chat room for 1 liners. You can post to an asp page that does serverside processing, and have that page pass the form vars to another page and so on...I need more specifics.

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    Daniel P. Johnson Guest

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    Peter,<BR><BR>Sorry. First time I&#039ve used this.<BR>I want to POST a form first to an Access Database (I&#039ve got that to work) and then to POST the same information to another URL that is really a secure server that is going to verify credit card information. I am trying to figure this out for a friend of mine and this is something I have never tried before.

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