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    Hi<BR><BR>I wonder how to open a pdf file with asp-code.<BR>For example:<BR>The folder has the path: C: est<BR>and the filename is : 2211_010105.pdf<BR><BR>How do I write if I want to open all pdf-files that begins with 22 (filename = 22XX_010105.pdf)?<BR><BR>How do I make this happen?<BR>Please help me.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>emma

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    As far as I know, The file needs to be:<BR><BR>a) On the Server<BR>b) In, or below the root directory of your site.<BR><BR>ie.<BR>If you are using Personal Web Server and your root directory is C:IntetPubwwwroot, you could create a subdirectory called pdf<BR>and put all the files in there. To then access from a web page just link to the filename.<BR><BR>&#060;a href="/pdf/test1.pdf"&#062;Test1.pdf<BR> <BR>This is HTML, To redirect to it using ASP just put:<BR>Response.Redirect "/pdf/test1.pdf"<BR><BR>You can&#039;t directly access a physical file on the client machine, due to security issue. ie I couldn&#039;t write ASP code to modify the C:Autoexec.bat file on the client machine for obvious reasons.

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