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    How can you use the method described in your article to get constants from .DLL&#039s that we write, as opposed to the ADO example that you listed?<BR><BR>I have a bunch of COM/MTS objects written in VB6. Each of them includes a .bas file that has a bunch of const&#039s declared. Right now, since these constants are returned to the ASP, I have to copy and paste my .bas file into an .asp file and include it into my asp&#039s. This means any time I make a change it has to be made in two places.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated...<BR><BR>-Fred

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    The reason why it works with the ADO example (and could work with your COM objects) is because they are not actually constants ... they are options of enumerated types. You would need to code in a fashion that allowed your methods to accept values where permissible that were enumerated values. Look at the ADO libraries in the object browser and you&#039ll see the globals listed ... these are actually value members of the enumberated types that are listed within the object browser.

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