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    I am trying to import data from a Filemaker database to SQL.<BR><BR>When importing the data everything goes across perfectly except for one column and that is the description column.<BR><BR>The description column in my SQL table is set to type:text and obviously the length of the description can vary, but 99% of the time is longer then 255 characters.<BR><BR>Now when I import the data across it only takes upto 255 characters from the description field. And I cannot work out why or a way around it.<BR><BR>The data is being imported through a System DSN setup using the Filemaker ODBC Driver for SQL.<BR><BR>I am a newbie at SQL however I have never really bothered with FileMaker at all, it is a friends request which has me using it.<BR><BR>Any help on a method of moving all the data from that description field to my SQL table would be appreciated.<BR><BR>*W

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    Ok This is not the answer you will want......<BR>You have to update the MDAC by going to microsoft&#039;s home page and looking for upgrades to the client....

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    Default <LONG TEXT> FileMaker to SQL

    Ouch!<BR><BR>I appear to of solved the problem except for a few glitches but I am trying to work out if it is FileMaker or SQL.<BR><BR>As for the character import when I setup the System DSN the ODBC driver supplied with FileMaker has a specific option hidden away for the length of characters allowed to transfer. And yep it was set to 255. So I have upped that and now all my characters come across from my description field.<BR><BR>That is all except two fields which when imported into SQL just show &#060;LONG TEXT&#062;<BR><BR>I am unsure why, as some other descriptions are longer or the same length. So any ideas on why I am getting &#060;LONG TEXT&#062;.<BR><BR>Thanks for the info, shall browse the MS site and look into it in any case :o)<BR><BR>*W

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