I&#039;m having troubles inserting values to a database. I have a form with the fields: ID,mark,assignment. Assignment is a drop down menu were you can select a field. I&#039;m trying to find the entered ID in the database and then insert the mark into the assignment that was chosen. Can anyone help me? this is some sample code:<BR><BR> sql = "select * from test.csv where ID like &#039;" &u_name &"&#039;" <BR><BR> if u_field = Hw1 then <BR> sql = SQL & "insert into test.csv (Hw1) "<BR> sql = SQL & "values (&#039;" & u_marks & "&#039;)" <BR> end if<BR><BR>u_field -&#062; assignment type<BR>Hw1-&#062; assignment type selected in drop down menu<BR>test.csv -&#062; my data storage<BR>u_marks -&#062; mark<BR><BR>thanks for the help