Can we add another Forum?

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Thread: Can we add another Forum?

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    Johnny Johnson Guest

    Default Can we add another Forum?

    I would like to petition for another thread into this great place called ASPMessageboard. Can we have a forum called "Moron ASP Q & A". You can only post your questions, and a script will automatically respond with:<BR><BR>VIEW THE **** ASPFAQS above LIKE WE TOLD YOU 1 MILLION TIMES.<BR><BR>Johnny Johnson Signing out.

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    Jethro Guest

    Default Hey if you're so smart . . .

    Why not answer my CDO questions in the forums today.<BR><BR>Or are they too moronic?<BR><BR>I assume you&#039;re smart enought to type CDO with an edit find

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    Default ROTFLOL!

    Thanks. I needed that.<BR><BR>Actually, though, we *allow* non-ASPFAQ-readers in this forum. It&#039;s just the advanced forum where you take heat if you don&#039;t read them.

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    Default Only if you'll moderate. <eop>


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    Johny Johnson Guest

    Default Yeah Ill moderate

    Lets call it "Bozo Goes to ASP Camp"

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