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    Does anybody know any good resources on the net that deal with asp, sql and the recordset object, but in jscript instead of vbscript.<BR><BR>I love 4guys, but all the examples, tutorials and answers are written in VBScript and at times do not translate easily over to Jscript. In particular I was trying to convert one of the faq answers about outputting sql results in html table and I couldn&#039;t find the functions dealing with the recordset object.<BR><BR>Any help?

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    You might have to use:<BR><BR>&#060;!--#include File=&#039;adojavas.inc&#039;--&#062;<BR><BR>or else (what I do) just manually type the integer constants for the Recordset CursorType, LockType values, etc.<BR><BR>James Shaw&#039;s www.coveryourasp.com is the only resource I know on ASP/JScript.<BR><BR>Regards, Joseph<BR><BR>Joseph’s ASP/JScript/SQL Restaurant Guide<BR>http://www14.brinkster.com/joemacman/Restaurant.htm<BR>

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