I am having a problem with requerying my data. I wrote the following stored procedure.<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE [procCreatePC]<BR>@MaterialID as float, @JumboID as integer, @PC as tinyint<BR>AS<BR>INSERT INTO tblJumboData (MaterialID, JumboID, PC)<BR> values (@MaterialID, @JumboID, @PC)<BR><BR><BR>This procedure is being called by my VB code as follows.<BR><BR>.....<BR>If rec1.EOF And strPC &#060;&#062; "" Then <BR> sqlA = "procCreatePC " & strMaterialID & ", " & strJumboID & ", " & strPC<BR> Set rec1 = cxn1.Execute(sqlA)<BR>End If<BR>rec1.Requery<BR>frmDataForm.txtJboKey = rec1.Fields!JumboKey &#039;tblJumboData KeyID<BR>frmDataForm.Show<BR>rec1.Close<BR>Set rec1 = Nothing<BR>cxn1.Close<BR>Set cxn1 = Nothing<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>The VB code complains at &#039;rec1.Requery&#039;. The complaint is as follows: "Run-time error &#039;3704&#039;: The operation requested by the application is not allowed if the object is closed."<BR><BR>Please tell me why this error msg is occuring. Thank you.<BR>