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    I want to display only the first 50 characters of a larger text field. <BR><BR>How do I trim off the first 50 characters when the string is greater than 50 characters? Thanks.<BR><BR>Dim ModifiedSynopsis<BR><BR>ModifiedSynopsis = objRS("synopsis")<BR>ModifiedSynopsis = len(ModifiedSynopsis)<BR><BR>ModifiedSynopsis = 250<BR><BR>

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    left(string, 50)

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    Default LEFT function...

    ModifiedSynopsis = Left( objRS("synopsis"), 50 )<BR><BR>If the field doesn&#039;t contain 50 characters, no problem. Only the ones it contains are retained.<BR><BR>This *will* chop in the middle of a word, you know. Want to prevent that? Or do you care?

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