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    Here is my code: <BR><BR>live_new = CLNG(Request("live_new"))<BR><BR> strSQL5 = "UPDATE site_pics SET live =&#039;y&#039; WHERE pic_id IN (" & live_new & ") "<BR> <BR> objConn.Execute strSQL5 <BR><BR>I know I&#039;m getting the live_new from a response.write but in my db I have is set as a Long Integer so I put the cLng on the request that&#039;s coming in. It runs through the code with no error but the pic_id doesn&#039;t get updated. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    Default Response.Write strSQL5...

    ...and tell us what is thus displayed.<BR><BR>Why are you using IN ( ... ) if the value of live_new is a single integer??? Why not just = ... ??? (Though it should work, anyway.)<BR><BR>

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