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    zebedie Guest

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    Please help I am having problems performing complex query. I have database test with the following table foo, with the structure: name, id, date, price. So my table contains for example:<BR><BR>bob,7, 28/07/2001, 58<BR>jim, 4, 27/02/2001, 98<BR>bill,2, 23/07/2001, 76 <BR><BR>My query is "select * from foo where id &#062; &#039;3&#039; AND price &#062; &#039;77&#039; "<BR><BR>The query should return just jim&#039;s details but returns bob and jims details. When I run query it performs first part and seems to ignore command preceding the AND. Hope someone can help. Please email me at<BR> <BR><BR>I am wanting to select for example <BR>

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    What are the datatypes of id and price? Thar may have something to do with your query results

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    Your sql says that id and price are strings, to get greater than to work they should be numeric, in which case you need to take of the single quotes around 3 and 77

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