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    Default I hate NS!!

    Has anyone had the problem where NS decides not to load any pages that were previously loading fine? <BR>This seems to happen too often and then suddenly it goes away. <BR>i don&#039;t know what causes it or how to resolve it. <BR>but it is VERY ANNOYING!<BR>This morning i signed into my web app via NS and it worked fine. I signed out 10 min later and retried. The page is blank and NS says that is done loading....???<BR>

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    try NewerVersion Guest

    Default NS hates you<eom>


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    Default RE: NS hates you<eom>

    I have to support version NS 4.75<BR>

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    Default They all suck

    I have 4.75 and 6.0 and they are a little better but still have some problems.

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