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    I know this is more DHTML than ASP, but I was hoping maybe someone could answer me anyways.... I&#039;m trying to created dropdown menus using this code:<BR><BR>if (document.layers) {<BR> visible = &#039;show&#039;;<BR> hidden = &#039;hide&#039;;<BR>} else if (document.all) {<BR> visible = &#039;visible&#039;;<BR> hidden = &#039;hidden&#039;;<BR>}<BR><BR>function barTog(menu) {<BR> if (document.layers) {<BR> daMenu = document.layers[menu];<BR> } else if (document.all) {<BR> daMenu = document.all(menu).style;<BR> }<BR> if (daMenu.visibility == visible) {<BR> daMenu.visibility = hidden;<BR> } else {<BR> daMenu.visibility = visible;<BR> }<BR> lastMenu = daMenu;<BR>}<BR><BR>i would like to make it so that when a menu is clicked, the script closes the last menu that was open... right now all it does it open the new menu, so you could actually have all the menus open at the same time... and i don&#039;t want that. any help would be graciously welcome. thanks

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    check www.dynamicdrive.com

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    I tried that website, and at least the part with the drop downmenus is riddled with javascript errors. I&#039;m not looking for a whole new script here, just a line or two. Can anyone help?

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