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    Getting an error here saying "expected statement" endif line 45<BR><BR>I have the endif on that line. And I know the web server has the corrected version. Can someone help me out?<BR><BR>&#060;% <BR>For Each field In Request.Form <BR>If trim(Request.Form("field")) &#062; 0 then<BR>Item = Field<BR>Quantity = trim(Request.Form("field"))<BR>set rsItem = connItem.execute("SELECT * FROM ItemData WHERE item=&#039;" & item & "&#039;")<BR>Total = Total + rsItem("Price") * Quantity<BR>else<BR> TheMessage = "Please make at least one selection"<BR>endif<BR>%&#062;

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    dont u think u need a "Next" for a "For" in the very end just after "end if "?

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    Default "end if", not "endif"

    vineet, he may be used to a curly bracket language that doesn&#039;t require next. dunno, though.

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