I am using the script from guys from rolla to pass a VBScript array to JScript to sort/join and then calling the JScript inside my VBScript to recreate the array (sorted now). The code looks like this:<BR><BR>jscript part<BR>&#060;script language=JScript runat=server&#062;<BR>// Jscript to sort<BR>function SortVBArray(arrVBArray) {<BR> return arrVBArray.toArray().sort().join();<BR>}<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>vbscript part<BR>SortArray = Split(SortVBArray(rankArray), ",")<BR><BR>THE PROBLEM<BR><BR>Well, the problem is that I am looping through a set of data with do while and creating the SortArray everytime through a row. The function seems to act wacky on my data. I am trying to sort sets of numbers, here are my sets of numbers, the first group is the original, and the second is what comes out of the function.<BR><BR>2 260<BR>2,260<BR><BR>620 554101<BR>554101,620<BR><BR>3550176 7353936<BR>3550176,7353936<BR><BR>985704 50427600<BR>50427600,985704<BR><BR>1362528 2573664<BR>1362528,2573664<BR><BR>As you can see, it works some of the time and doesn&#039;t other times. Anyone see something I am doing wrong? I am absolutely stuck here!<BR><BR>Thanks!