I have an ASP mailer script that sends mail via the jmail component.<BR><BR>The script processes one mail each time it is run, and if there are more mails to be sent when the script is finished, it prints out a javascript window.location that rereshes the same page so the script can be run again.<BR><BR>This process is repeated until there are no more mails to be sent. Yes, it is a bit pedantic, but the script is able to log the success of each address individually, and the process is pretty safe (no timeouts, as each mail is sent in a new process).<BR><BR>So, my client is complaining about the run time for this script - something like 10 minutes for 3000 mails.<BR><BR>I would like to be able to schedule the script to run every 10 minutes or so without using a browser but still getting the same functionality I have using javascript to reload the page until there are no more messages to send out.<BR><BR>I have read the articles on scheduling via WHS and using the Application object. WSH might work, except that I won&#039;t be able to have the client script functionality. Can anyone think of a way to make this work so that each message is still sent out in a separate process, the browser doesn&#039;t have to stay open on the server and it can be scheduled to run regularly?<BR><BR>Thx...<BR><BR>Kurt