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    Adrian Guest

    Default is it possible?

    I have two tables in my database one has a list of "hardware" and the other a list of the "brands" of hardware. I would like to list all the "brands" when someone looks for a particular hardware. What is the easist way to do this? I need to get the name from the querystring to know which coloumn to look-up how can this been done? the answer should look like this: &#060;%=RS("Request.QueryString("product")")%&#062 ; but should work!!!<BR><BR>I am using Access.

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    RDM Guest

    Default Please post entire query

    ...This looks a little odd at first glance. Perhaps a complete query will make the problem more obvious.

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    Adrian Guest

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    you know when you have this: &#060;%=RS("product")%&#062; <BR><BR>"product" tells the computer which column to select the values from. But....what if you don&#039;t know the column?? <BR><BR>ie. a user selects "DVD" then I want to select the DVD olumn and list all its contents.<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps more

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    Vijay Guest

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    You need to show the SQL select query you are using.

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