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Thread: How to make client-side using list boxes

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    Hi...In my form there is 2 list boxes. One for the Group list box where I take the value from tblgroup and the other one is product listbox where the value is take from the tblproduct.<BR>The product value is dependent on the group. When user select group A for example, so the value list in product list box is all products in group A.<BR>My problem is I don&#039;t know JavaScript. How can I make the product changes based on the group value using client-side(no need to submit the form). One more thing is instead of using list box what are another form field I can use where I might want user to choose more than one value in product. Please give a syntax too. THanks.............

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    Default self learning is the key!!

    Go to and click the table of contents link there. Then look for "Dependent List boxes" link, i guess this should be enough help, if we give you the syntax here then whats the point in u doing the work, you wont learn anything, also the answer to ur second query, which other way u can have the user select multiple values instead of "list boxes", ever heard of "checkboxes", i am sure u must have, so get going buddy, take deep breath and plunge into the sea known as ASP.

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