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    Andrew Duffy Guest

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    Are there many differences in the sql I would use to query an SQL server database as opposed to an access database? The statement below currently queries an access database, would it work against an SQL server database? Anyone know where the complete list of differences would be on the web? any leads would be most appreciated.<BR><BR> query = "SELECT Topic.TopicID, Topic.TopicName, Topic.FileName, Topic.DateModified, Topic.Enabled, Quiz.QuizID"<BR> query = query & " FROM (Topic INNER JOIN UserTopic ON Topic.TopicID = UserTopic.TopicID)"<BR> query = query & " LEFT JOIN Quiz ON Topic.TopicID = Quiz.TopicID"<BR> query = query & " WHERE UserTopic.UserID = " & Session("id") & " AND UserTopic.Access = True ORDER BY Topic.TopicID ASC"<BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Andrew Duffy

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    Nils Bilhorn Guest

    Default No it will not

    You will have problem with the condition where you use true.<BR>SQL server does not support a boolean type so you have to change this.

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