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    Default Knowing when ASP is called

    Hi, all:<BR><BR>Scenario -----------------------------------------<BR><BR>NT 4.0 SP6a, IIS4<BR><BR>I have a ASP chat. It runs perfectly.<BR>I want to know, when a user has connected to my chat.<BR>So I&#039;ve created an ActiveX dll that displays a message box.<BR>When the user request the ASP connection page, I call the dll to notice that a user has entered to my chat.<BR><BR>The Code ----------------------------------------<BR><BR>** The VB6 SP4 code:<BR><BR>&#039; The project is called Message<BR>&#039;<BR>&#039; The class is called clsMessage<BR>&#039;<BR>&#039; The sub is ShowMessage<BR>&#039;<BR>Sub ShowMessage(vMessage As Variant, vTitle As Variant)<BR> MsgBox vMessage, vbOKOnly + vbInformation, vTitle<BR>End Sub<BR><BR><BR>** The ASP code looks like this:<BR><BR>dim obj<BR>dim vMessage<BR>dim vTitle<BR><BR>set obj=server.CreateObject("Message.clsMessage")<BR>v Message="A user has entered"<BR>vTitle="ASP Chat"<BR>obj.ShowMessage vMessage,vTitle<BR>set obj=nothing<BR><BR><BR>The Trouble -----------------------------------------------<BR><BR>When I call the dll from the ASP script, the browser stops responding till it shows the &#039;Page not found&#039; message.<BR>Furthermore, the IIS hangs, and doesn&#039;t serves more pages till I reboot the machine.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried to do the same but with an ActiveX Exe. It doesn&#039;t work neither. But there are two differences:<BR>The proccess is shown in the Task Manager and if I kill that task, IIS keeps on running.<BR><BR>I know that IIS uses the IUSR_MACHINE user to run itself. And that user has a different desktop than my Administrator user. So I&#039;ve tried to give to the IIS Services the property of executing in my user desktop. But I get the same results.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried too, running the "dcomcnfg" application to give to my ActiveX server the "correct" Identity property. Nothing...<BR><BR>Note: The ActiveX dll runs correctly when called from a Visual Basic project.<BR><BR>The Question -------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Does anybody know what&#039;s happening here, please???. I&#039;m beginning with ASP, and this is the first thing I try. And I&#039;ve spent two days for nothing. <BR><BR>Please, please, please, can anybody help me?.....<BR><BR>Thanks folks...

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    Default Why not use ASP to do it??

    &#062; Does anybody know what&#039;s happening here, please???<BR><BR>No, except that it makes sense that the system doesn&#039;t allow this. After all, in the *general* case (e.g., when you are running your site at some ISP), this *should* be disallowed.<BR><BR>&#062; I&#039;m beginning with ASP, and this is the first thing I try. <BR><BR>Wow! Most people are lucky to get to "Hello, World" in the first two days!<BR><BR>I can suggest several things to *try*, but I&#039;m not sure any of them will work.<BR><BR>But one that would: (a) Bring up a small ASP page on your own system. You can even minimize the browser after you get it up. (b) Have it auto-refresh itself every N seconds, where (c) it checks to see if a new user has signed in [you can keep the users&#039; names and entry times in an array that you store in an application variable...see ASPFAQs under "Array" category] and (d) if it detects a new user then it pops up a new window on your screen with the user&#039;s name and sign on time and whatever else you save.<BR><BR>This has another big advantage: It would even run on some ISP with you monitoring the system remotely!<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Why not use ASP to do it??

    Sorry if you have seen the post again. I put it for error.<BR><BR>I finally did it!!. <BR>Anyway, your answers were good enough to do a workaround to the problem.<BR><BR>The key was the desktop property in the IIS Services, and reboot the IIS with:<BR><BR>Net Stop IISAdmin /y<BR>MTXSTOP<BR>Net Start W3SVC<BR><BR>Thank you very much for your ideas and your time...<BR><BR>Note: It&#039;s my first thing in ASP but I have a large experience in VB. :-)

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