Greetings all,<BR>I have designed a form that posts info. to a submit.asp page but there is also a form requiring info to be entered on the submit.asp page thus i have a problem.....<BR>i am using the request.form("txtBlah") for both the posted data and the data on the submit.asp page to update the Recordset.Field(txtBlah) but i keep getting the following error:<BR><BR>Microsoft Cursor Engine error &#039 80040e21&#039 <BR><BR>Errors occurred. <BR><BR>/POW/example/submit.asp, line 57 <BR><BR>Line *57* of my code is:<BR><BR>RecordSet.AddNew<BR>* RecordSet.Fields("Report_Date") = Request.Form("Date")*<BR><BR>This been a request to add a new entry from the posted data .<BR><BR>Could anybody help me with this as i have read numerous articles without any success..<BR><BR>Thankx in advance for any input<BR>Tom