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Thread: Where can I get ImageSize

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    Manny Mellor Guest

    Default Where can I get ImageSize

    I found reference to a freeware component called ImageSize that just returns the pixel width and height of an image. I went to the site that supposedly had it and it is no longer there. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this? I dropped a note to the folks at serverobjects.com, the original makers of the component, but never got a response. <BR><BR>Manny Mellor<BR>mannym@sltrib.com

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    Gary Flack Guest

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    You were right about serverobjects. I have just &#039purchased&#039 the component for the very reason you had in your posting. Took a bit of lateral thinking to get it to work but it works really well. Email me if you need to see it in action<BR>gary@optweb.net

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