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    Hi !<BR><BR>May I know how can I transfer those user, permission and access table to a new database ?<BR><BR>For example,<BR><BR>database apple --&#062; database apple1<BR><BR>I managed to transferred all other user created DB but I can&#039;t transfer master database.<BR><BR>Please help !

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    It is not advisable to transfer system tables from one SQL DB to another. These tables are special tables that are built by the system when you issue SQL commands.<BR><BR>If you want to setup user accounts in the new database, you need to write SQL commands in a script, eg:<BR><BR>Syntax<BR> Statement permissions:<BR>GRANT {ALL &#124 statement_list} <BR>TO {PUBLIC &#124 name_list}<BR><BR> Object permissions:<BR>GRANT {ALL &#124 permission_list}<BR>ON {table_name [(column_list)] &#124 view_name [(column_list)] &#124 <BR>stored_procedure_name &#124 extended_stored_procedure_name}<BR>TO {PUBLIC &#124 name_list}<BR><BR>or you might dump the database:<BR><BR>Makes a backup copy of a database and its transaction log (DUMP DATABASE) or makes a copy of only the transaction log (DUMP TRANSACTION) in a form that can be read into SQL Server using the LOAD statement.<BR><BR>Syntax<BR>Dumping a database:<BR><BR> DUMP DATABASE {dbname &#124 @dbname_var}<BR> TO dump_device [, dump_device2 [..., dump_device32]]<BR> [WITH options <BR> [[,] STATS [ = percentage]]]<BR><BR>Dumping a transaction log:<BR><BR> DUMP TRANSACTION {dbname &#124 @dbname_var} <BR> [TO dump_device [, dump_device2 [..., dump_device32]]]<BR> [WITH {TRUNCATE_ONLY &#124 NO_LOG &#124 NO_TRUNCATE}<BR> {options}]<BR><BR><BR>

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