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    I am trying to multiple the hidden field form object with the value a user submits from the text form field object.<BR>Example:<BR><BR>XRay&#039;s throughout the year:<BR>&#060;input type="text" name="XRay" value=""&#062;<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="XRay" value="100.00"&#062;<BR><BR>I have used a hidden field to display the cost of X-Rays services. The user then says I want 5 X-ray services throughout the year. How do I multiple the hidden value of Xray to the value that a user will submit in the input text field?<BR>Any help would help! Thanks<BR>

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    Default ver basic javascript

    if you want to do it client-side, use javascript<BR><BR>if you want to do it server-side it&#039;s very basic ASP. any beginners manual covers this stuff. It&#039;s a brain-dead operation, honestly. Think it through and you should have no problem.<BR><BR>so what&#039;s it doing in the advanced forum? <BR><BR>please don&#039;t post this low level of question in the advanced forum again, especially when you&#039;ve cross-posted it elsewhere<BR><BR>j

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