I am desperate on this one.<BR><BR>In all other pages where FTP is needed I am using the ASPINET.ftp object. But, with one particular page the FtpGetFile routine does not seem to want to work all the time. (It will work 1/2 of the time and then the other half it just returns false) I can&#039;t figure out what is wrong with this thing I&#039;ve looked at it for a couple of days now. (If anyone has any suggestions on the ASPInet please let me know.<BR><BR>Otherwise I need advice on how to proceed:<BR><BR>What is the best way to download a text file from a remote FTP server in an ASP? Preferably something free and quick I&#039;ve spent too much time on this already. <BR><BR>Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>I appreciate it.