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    My boss asked me to write a program to enable the managers at the camp sites to enter the number of attented campers in their Palm Pilot, and those numbers will be extracted and saved to the database. The reason she wants these managers to use the Palm Pilot to input the number of attendants because these managers usually don&#039;t stay in front of their computers, but they do carry the Palm Pilot all the time. <BR>I haven&#039;t had any developing experiences with the Palm Pilot. Any helps will be greately appreciated.

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    Hmmm... yeah, you can use ASP, but since the palm pilot can browse "web pages" or more like WML pages. Perhaps you should look at that techonolgy. You will be limited in what you can do because of the limitations brought by the handheld. <BR><BR>I have a book "Professional WAP" by WROX which shows how to make ASP/WML pages.. perhaps you can stop by your local computer bookstore and glace through it as well.<BR><BR>Look into handheld browsers as well. <BR><BR>I haven&#039;t done anything for them though... my Visor busted a couple of months ago.. so I couldn&#039;t get around to testing anything with it. <BR><BR>Good luck, perhaps somebody will reply with something more detailed.<BR><BR>Vadim C.

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