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    Hello fellow developers.<BR>I have a site, which has a support site. The support site has a whole lot of help documentation on it. All done in static HTML by the support department. <BR>My Question is can ASP be used to create a search engine that searches the content of those static HTML pages and returns their Title and location ??<BR>Or if anybody has done some Search Engine work with static pages i&#039d love to hear from them or those who have any information on Search in static pages.<BR>thanks in advance.<BR><BR>my email is<BR><BR>- ACTIVEALLI

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    I would say it&#039s definitely doable. I have not programmed this kind of search engine, so there may be a better way, but here&#039s what I&#039d do to start:<BR><BR>Create some sort of list of all your static pages. Thus, you have the locations of the pages.<BR><BR>Then, using the FileSystemObject, open each .HTM file and scan for the search text. For every hit, write out an HREF for that page. Maybe count the number of hits per page so you can measure how well a given page matches your search, and list accordingly.<BR><BR>There&#039s obviously a lot more you can do with it, and like I said, maybe there&#039s a better way. Just my 2 cents.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>Mike

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    Thanks Mike, it seems that Microsoft had thought of this, and they have Index Server to do the hard work. witch is scriptable through ASP, Nice isn&#039t it.<BR>How ever, now I need someone who can direct me. Coz creating a search engine for the Default Web Site of the IIS is a breeze<BR>but i need to do so for witch is a hole other IP. So now i am looking for people who have used MS Index Server and are willing to give me some tips .. <BR><BR>- Thanks <BR> ALLI

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