Help with GUID uniqueidentifier datatype

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Thread: Help with GUID uniqueidentifier datatype

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    Sheri Guest

    Default Help with GUID uniqueidentifier datatype

    I'm having trouble inserting a uniqueidentifer to a rowguid column in my db. I tried using NEWID() function within my ASP page but that doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any experience with this datatype.

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    Nils Bilhorn Guest

    Default RE: Help with GUID uniqueidentifier datatype

    NEWID is a SQL-server function, so it can only be used in SQL-statements and not in a script language supported by ASP.

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    Sheri Guest

    Default Good to know, one more question please

    That's really good to know. Now I must ask this question. Because I have a rowguid column in my db, when appending a row to a table from my web page. I get an error from my browser stating that I cannot enter a NULL value to 'rowguid'. I don't have any reference to the rowguid column in my code and it's still gives me this error. I've read that the uniqueidentifier column is not automatically generated and has to be instructed to through the NEWID() fuction. My question is how do I do that through asp or is this something that has to be set in table through SQL only. I'm very confused at this point.

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    Sheri Guest

    Default Yeah! I figured it out, thanks for the input

    Thanks, I set the default value in SQL and all is well. Thanks for the headsup.

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