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    I have a frameset project that has a main frame, top, and left frame. The Main frame is broken into 2 parts, bottom, and top. <BR><BR> The problem is when I have a frame in the bottom that has a link in it and I try &#060;A Href="Main2.asp?top=ViewIndustry.asp&bottom=ViewIn dustry1.asp" Target="Main2"&#062; it works fine.......<BR>but when I try to add <BR>&#060;A Href="Main2.asp?top=ViewIndustry.asp&bottom=ViewIn dustry1.asp??Loc_No=&#060;%=rs2("Location_ID")%&#0 62;" Target="Main2"&#062; The ViewIndustry.asp appears in the bottom part of the frame and the top remains as it was before. Can someone tell me why???? Thanks!

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    Default Maybe because of bug in HREF?

    Href="Main2.asp?top=ViewIndustry.asp&bottom=ViewIn dustry1.asp??Loc_No=&#060;%=rs2("Location_ID")%&#0 62;" <BR><BR>You have two ? characters in that URL (well, three, but I assume the last one was a typo). Not allowed! You need to use an & instead of another ? character.<BR><BR>

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