ADODB.Recordset error '800a0cb3'

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Thread: ADODB.Recordset error '800a0cb3'

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    John B. Guest

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    I am receiving the following error:<BR>------------------------------------<BR>ADODB.Recordset error &#039;800a0cb3&#039; <BR><BR>The operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider. <BR>------------------------------------<BR>I have just upgraded to Oracle 8.0.5.<BR>I am using Oracle ODBC Driver, version<BR><BR>The error is being returned on this line of code:<BR>oRecordset.AddNew();<BR><BR>It seems the AddNew method is not being supported.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    what cursor and lock type are you using?<BR><BR>you need to adOpenKeyset and adLockOptimistic <BR><BR>j

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    John B. Guest

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    Yes, I&#039;m using both of those...

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