Hello,<BR><BR> I am trying to make Access determine the default field value of "RenewOn" based on the value of "JoinedOn" If I use this code in the expression builder, I get an error:<BR><BR>= dtRenewal<BR>dtRenewal = JoinedOn<BR>count = 0 <BR>Do Until dtRenewal &#062; date <BR> dtRenewal = DateAdd("yyyy", 1, dtRenewal)<BR> count = count + 1 <BR> If count &#062; 20 Then Exit Do <BR>Loop <BR><BR>The expression u entered contains an invalid syntax<BR>you may have entered an operand without an operator<BR><BR> I have never dealt with expressions in Access before, and I am somewhat confused. Using help in access doesn&#039;t do me much good. Does anyone know how to do this? Cause I obviously do not know what I am doing. Thanks taking the time to read this, and thanks in advance to anyone who attempts to help me out.<BR><BR>Tom -<BR>