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    Joe Bankz Guest

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    I can&#039;t get my silly script to set a cookie, then redirect to a page that gets that cookie info for another purpose. am I missing something here?<BR><BR>My page is located at http://www.firstprotestant.com. I could post my code I suppose.<BR><BR>Once you&#039;ve put your info into the form and press submit, it submits to itself checking for bad info. If everything (ie email add., password&#039;s, usernames) checks out, then you are assigned a random number (ComputerId) created by the script. Right now the ComputerId is only being posted to the database on the server. However, it should set a cookie with the &#039;ComputerId&#039; number before it posts to the database.<BR><BR>Here is my Logic:<BR><BR>QNumber=a unique number created by the script using session number and a randomly generated number. This is the ComputerId referred to above.<BR><BR>If Visit="A" Then<BR> If Blahblahblah Then<BR><BR>Blah blah blah all stuff about checking the user&#039;s input for errors.<BR> Else<BR> Response.Cookies("users")="Yes"<BR> Response.Cookies("users")("ComputerId")=QNumber<BR > Response.Cookies("users").Expires=Date+120<BR> set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> conn.Open "Driver={MySQL}; SERVER=localhost; DATABASE=blahblah; UID=blahblahblah; PWD=blah"<BR> myuser = conn.Execute(mySQL1)<BR> myclient = conn.Execute(mySQL2)<BR> conn.close<BR> Set conn=Nothing<BR> Call Zmail()<BR> Response.Redirect "http://www.firstprotestant.com/default.asp"<BR> End If <BR> Else<BR> &#039;do nothing<BR> End If<BR>

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    When you redirect, you&#039;re sending a 302 request. A cookie can only get set by a 200 (success) request. You may have to do a form submit automatically to set your cookies.

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    Joe Bankz Guest

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    I don&#039;t know what that means.

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