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    I made a message board for my website but I was wondering, how can I add "Who&#039;s online" feature?<BR>I have over thousands of members and getting about 1000+ posts a day<BR>I know there is a way to do this, but I&#039;m not sure how<BR>I give all members session("userid"), can you help me with this?

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    Default No...APPLICATION question...

    Since no user can see another user&#039;s SESSION values, you&#039;ll want to store all currently online users in an APPLICATION variable. Presumably, in an array that is stored in an Application variable value. See the ASPFAQs, category Arrays, for ideas on doing that.<BR><BR>You&#039;ll need a way of taking users out of the array when they exit, of course. Or when their session times out. And you need "clean up" code in case their Session_onEnd never fires.<BR><BR>

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