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    I'm trying to set sessions variables on an index page in a "content" directory. When users click on a link there, it directs them to an asp program in the "source" directory. I have session variables in the index page, that i want passed to the source directory, but its not working. I dont want to pass them as parameters.(?site=whatever). I want session variables. Anyone have ideas? I tried using forms too...but no avail...

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    Are you trying to create a session varable when someone clicks on a link? If so the only thing you can do is have that link take the user to another page then set the session then go to the page you want.<BR><BR>The reason for this is because asp is run at the server level so once the page is displayed at user level you can&#039;t make a session (becuase they are created at the server level) I hope this helps yo.

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