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    im creating an mts dll using win 2000 <BR> .... its my first day of using it <BR>...i want to reference mts but its no longer there <BR>so im referncing com + 1. admin <BR>& writing the following code <BR>... but it dies on the object context statement <BR> what should i reference cos i think thats the problem <BR><BR>thanx in advance <BR><BR>On Error GoTo ErrHandler <BR><BR> Dim objectcontext <BR> Set objectcontext = GetObjectContext() <BR><BR> &#039; do stuff <BR> <BR> objectcontext.setcomplete <BR> <BR> Exit Sub <BR>ErrHandler: <BR> objectcontext.setabort <BR>

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    i had this problem...<BR>are you creating your own &#039;package &#039; and then adding your component in there&#062;??<BR>if you are then the root i went down was just adding the component into the package which says iis internal processes ( or something like that - i&#039;m not in front of a windows machine at the nmoment ) - try putting your component in there ... <BR>this might be a workaround but i think if you create your own package then it doesnt put asp.dll in there automatically and this is probably what you need - when i tried to add asp.dlll into my own pacakge i couldnt get it to play .... anyway give the workaround a go...... ;)<BR>

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