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    Rahul Dewan Guest

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    How do i auto run a ASp page whenever there is a date change on the web server where the page is loaded. I need to generate a few queries whenever there is a date change...HELP ME

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    peterjl Guest

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    There are 2 ways:<BR>1) Get you system administrator to schedule a task to occur each day just after midnight. Instead of an asp script it would be a windows scripting host (WHS) script, which would be writen in VBS of JavaScript, but with no html script. This way you would be sure to run your script at a predetermined time.<BR><BR>2) The other way is to include the script as part of the normal ASP script, and to just run the queries the first time a visitor hits your site each day. When the daily commands are run, you would just update the database or a file with the date. Subsequent hits would find today&#039;s date and and not execute the daily bit. This method is less predictable, because it depends on the site recieving a hit. If there is no hit on a day the daily bit won&#039;t get run. However the advantage is that you don&#039;t need any special setup. (Chron jobs as in solution 1, require admistrator permission, and knowledge of NT/Server Admin.)

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