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    im confused, i keep seeing that xml is oging to be the next big thing, but where does this leave things like ASP, and databases like SQL and Oracle if everyhting can be stored and extracted from text files??? i dont get how all of these technologies tie in to one another.... <BR>

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    I am confused like you. But database technology is not going to finish :)

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    XML is already the next big thing. It&#039;s primary usefulness is that it provides a "standard" way of sending formatted files or streams of data. This is normally used to send small amounts of data back and forth between like or unlike systems via web services or SOAP implemented web services. This can be particularly useful in access data via your ASP pages from web servers that aren&#039;t Windows oriented.<BR><BR>It can also be used inside XSL pages to act as an internal/external data source on the client side. <BR><BR>And the list of uses goes on and on. <BR><BR>XML is not designed to necessarily replace any of the technologies you reference, just enhance their capability greatly. Before long, XML will be used to create better distributed architectures in both the desktop and web enabled applications.<BR><BR>There are a few articles at that show some great examples of how this might be used.

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