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    im confused, i keep seeing that xml is oging to be the next big thing, but where does this leave things like ASP, and databases like SQL and Oracle if everyhting can be stored and extracted from text files??? <BR>

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    Relational databases, especially high-end ones, do a lot more than just store data - I dread to think what it would take to come up with something like a credit-card clearing system based on pure XML!<BR><BR>XML is currently being hyped to death. People are using it for anything and everything, regardless of whether it&#039;s the right solution, simply because it&#039;s "the next big thing". Don&#039;t get me wrong, I definitely think it has many useful applications, but high-end data storage and transaction handling isn&#039;t one of them (IMHO). I&#039;m actually worried that the current "XML with everything" approach is going to damage the language in the long run, because there&#039;s nothing to destroy faith in a technology like a bunch of people using it badly...<BR><BR>Dunc

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