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    this is my first time using this com + thingy stuff<BR>this is a big abbvreviation of my code & the objectcontext<BR>isnt instantiating ..... i have a reference to <BR>com+ 1.0 type library .. what am i doing wrong<BR>Dim objectcontext<BR>Set objectcontext = GetObjectContext()<BR> <BR> &#039; code in here <BR> objectcontext.setabort<BR><BR> thanks in advance<BR><BR>

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    Are you doing this code on your ASP page or inside of your com object in VB?<BR><BR>Your abbreviated code appears to be the root object of the transaction, which would normally be in the root class of your COM component. Unless you wanted to make your ASP page transactional, which I wouldn&#039;t recommend.

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