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    How do I close the current window without the warning message?<BR>I saw --- <BR>&#060;input type="image" img border="0"<BR> src=images/pic.gif" width="90" height="28" value="close window"<BR> onClick="window.close()" alert="no" align="left" name="Exit"&#062;<BR> on a page and it worked , but on my page I still get the warning dialog. Why?<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Zeg

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    The default window cannot be closed without a warning. If a site opens up other windows those can be closed without a warning, but the main window cannot. Imagine, for a second, that it could be closed without a warning and that you set your homepage to a site that soon changed their code to close the window&#039;s browser immediately (for some reason). In such a case every time you started your browser it would visit the home page and immediately shut down! Who wants that?

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