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    Hi<BR><BR>I know there is some way to let a script write all the filenames of the files in a directory... Isn&#039;t there? :)<BR><BR>I have seen many scripts do this, and I think there is some way to write all the names of files and directories with FileSystemObject?<BR><BR>I have tried to see how other programers do itm but I can&#039;t really work out how they manage to do it... <BR><BR>The script called ANY PORTAL on does what I also want my script to do, but I want to write the script myself, and I don&#039;t want to steel the source from anyportal... <BR><BR>AnyPortal has also got another superb function, it has got lot&#039;s of pictures which are not included... They are somehow written by the script...?<BR><BR>Best Regards<BR>Sebastian

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    If you truly want to write the code yourself why not try the FAQ&#039;s at the top of this page under FSO?

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