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    Hi, I have a forms that would be enter in a database. Due to the size and count of the form fields; I decided to divide it into 2 forms. I want the contents of these forms to be entered in a db at one time. I thought of using a cookie to store the contents of the first form and then enter it to the db with the second form. I&#039;m not sure if this is a good practice.<BR><BR>I also thought of passing the first form&#039;s content into the querystring. What is the maximum number of data to pass in a querystring? What&#039;s better, using a cookie to handle this or passing it in a querystring? Thanks a lot.

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    Querystring, of the 2, is the best in my opinion. But there is a 3rd way. Pass the values into hidden fields on the second form and then do your insert alltogether for both.

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